Portable Toilets

Proper event planning is very important to the success of any public or private event.  Make Johnson Johns and Septic a regular part of your event planning checklist!

Show your guests that you thought of everything

When your guests are provided with clean and adequate restroom facilities, the tendency is they will enjoy the event more, stay longer, and spend more money.  Johnson Johns and Septic Service has special event toilet rentals that will provide you with your desired quantities and help with comforting your guests to maximize revenue.

General recommendations

  • If alcohol is being served, increase the number of units by 20%
  • One hand washing station per block of restrooms
  • If the percentage of women attending exceeds 50%, increase units by 35%
  • Remember to include at least one wheelchair accessible unit per group.

Our units

We offer the most accommodating, modern, and clean units for any occasion!

  • Standard Unit (non-flushable)
  • Sink-Units (Standard unit w/ included sink station)
  • Handicap-accessable Units
  • Flushable Units (in-unit sink station and flushing)